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Social Media Management

Social Media management is the next greatest investment in online presence that a business will make after web design and development. Visibility can drop both dramatically and quickly if search engines register a dormant state on social media platforms and therefore even a modest investment in maintaining  activity on Social Media enhances overall visibility.

Social media management is usually directly connected to the marketing plan therefore social media platforms are likely to be part of the marketing springboard for marketing campaigns. because the objective is driving traffic to convert to a particular goal, continued activity will also mean that followers remain loyal even when marketing activity has been reduced.

All in One Pro

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  • 5 Facebook posts daily
  • 10 Tweets daily
  • 5 Google+ posts daily
  • 2 Instagram/Flickr/Pinterest daily
  • 2 blog posts weekly
  • Crossposts to Medium/LinkedIn Pulse
  • Social Bookmarks daily
  • SMO/SEO optimised
  • Monthly Analytics report
  • Content Curation and Aggregation
  • 1 explainer/advert Video per month
  • # Social listening