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Online Reputation Management

The Challenge

Over Two thirds of European Social Media users experience at least one hack attempt to their profiles in any year, This has contributed to the growing concern over fake and fraudulent profile construction across all major platforms. Additionally yesterdays news is no longer tomorrows fish and chips wrapper. It remains in the digital sphere indefinitely and can ruin the livelihood, relationships and future of many people, years after the fact.

The Solution

The strategists at Brayve use a variety of methods to manage an online reputation problem, whether it is lack of visibility with an online reputation needs to be built and distributed with an easy to find outcome, or alternatively a reputation that has taken a knock by the construction of fake profiles, theft of profiles, bad product ore personal reviews or even negative press and offline media that has crept into the search engines. Our strategies are comprehensive and offer long term solutions.

Complete Reputation Recovery

We Rethought Everything


Identity Rebuilt


Search Remove and Replace

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Google First Page from 7 day turnaround

Removal from first page of Google

The Challenge of removing negative data is achied by developing quality, well optimised content and assets that drown the offending data.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

Our strategists and content managers rebuild your reputation, replacing high ranking negative web assets with valuable quality long term web assets that render positive search results even on negative keywords.


Excellent turnaround times

Excellent turnaround times depending on the nature of the problem. Deep seated and Established negative data can take up to a year to drown, however the average negative data problem can be drowned in between 7 and 90 days – with a long term result.

Brayve Online reputation management
  • Removal from first page of Google within 7 to 90 days 80%
  • Replacement with positive optimised content within 30 days 75%
  • Long term drowning success – 2 years or more 93%
  • Successful right to be forgotten applications 97%

The Results Have Been Amazing

Eighty percent of our clients see a visible change in Search Engine returns between seven and ninety days after commencement of work. The remaining twenty percent have very complex online reputation problems that can take several months with between two and five percent of clients taking between ten months and a year to remove visibility of the negative online sources. Our results are have a long term effect.

Real Alternatives in Searchability and SEO

The Best Reverse SEO in the Industry

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